Tuesday, 21 August 2012

4 Stars from The Star

A Synonym for Love opened last night, and the reviews are already rolling in. The Star's Richard Ouzounian had a "delicious" time with our love triangle. Check out the highlights from his 4 star review:

Richard Ouzounian

Countertenor Scott Belluz as Phil
There's a lovely word that's fallen out of fashion: louche. It means "disreputable or sordid in a rakish or appealing way" and it's a perfect description of both The Gladstone Hotel and the sexy, stylish production of A Synonym for Love which opened there Monday night.


It wasn't long before we were upstairs, in an overdressed boudoir, complete with chamber ensemble, dildos and whips. The scene built in passion, proving Manson hasn't lost any physical heat while labouring in the fields of activist theatre...


All throughout, the music was authentically delectable, the singers filled with contemporary passion and the staging filled with distinctive and clever touches.

The end result is a show that I can recommend to anyone in search of a unique evening, even if you're not a fan of Handel, a practising bisexual, or a regular at The Gladstone Hotel.

Read the full review here. A Synonym for Love runs until August 31.

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