Saturday, 25 August 2012

Side Note: Handel & Hendrix

It's our day off and everyone's checked out, so today's post is only vaguely relevant to the show...

two dapper musicians

Did you know that Handel and Jimi Hendrix were housemates? Separated by a few centuries, of course.

Both Handel and Hendrix were residents of 23 and 25 Brook Street in London, once separate buildings that are now interconnected.

The Guardian ran a story on this musical dwelling in 2010 for the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's death:

"Many assume that Hendrix knew nothing of the Handel connection: in fact he was charmed when he learned of it, and bought recordings including The Messiah and The Water Music. Some have even claimed to detect Handel riffs in the thunderous guitar chords of later Hendrix recordings."

A neat real estate connection to think about, particularly given our venue's history with artists coming in and out of Toronto. Who knows what small-world coincidences there are between the A Synonym for Love team and Gladstone visitors throughout the hotel's long history?

Read the full article on The Guardian here.

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