Thursday, 23 August 2012

Listen in on the CMC Orchestra

No press clipping or iPhone photo is every going to convey just how amazingly talented the Classical Music Consort orchestra is, so here's a little sample of what this incredible group of stair-climbing musicians sounds like:

Classical Music Consort Orchestra
Conducted by Ashiq Aziz

Violin I: Paul Zevenhuizen (leader), Sarah Titterington Ibbett
Violin II: John Corban, Marcin Swoboda
Viola: Elizabeth Loewen Andrews
Oboe/Recorder: Mary Ann Shore, Graham St. Laurent
Continuo: Mary-Katherine Finch (cello), Mateusz Swboda (cello), Anthony Bacon (cello), Joelle Morton (double bass), Lucas Harris (archlute), Sara-Anne Churchill (harpsichord)

Recorded at the Heliconian Club on August 12, 2012 by Frank Lockwood.

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